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The Sensorama anthology is now out.  In fact, it has been for a couple of months, now, but I haven’t had time to update this site (if anyone is actually reading this). Who’d have thought that buying a car could be so bloody time-consuming and stressful. The anthology can be purchased from Eibonvale Press or from Amazon in both hardback and paperback (and electronic) formats.


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Honourable Mention   Leave a comment

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. But I do have some good news to impart. I’m pleased to say that my story ‘Little John’s Grave’, which appeared back in 2013 in the anthology Horror Express 4, has been given an honourable mention by Ellen Datlow in the long list for The Best Horror of the Year 6.

My tale is listed alongside stories by Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Kilpatrick, Joel Lane, Michael Marshall Smith, Melanie Tem, Steve Rasnic Tem, Lisa Tuttle, Stephen Volk, Elizabeth Massie, China Miéville, Lisa Morton, Joyce Carol Oates, Reggie Oliver, Norman Partridge, Al Sarrantonio, David J. Schow, Christopher Fowler, Christopher Harman, Charlaine Harris, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Joe R. Lansdale, Tanith Lee, John Ajvide Lindquist, Brian Lumley, and . . . okay, I’ll stop going on.

The full list can be seen at

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The latest volume of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror is now available to buy in both hardcopy and electronic formats.  As usual, it boasts an impressive line-up of authors and an excellent piece of artwork by Vincent Chong.  The editor Stephen Jones dedicated the book to all of the authors that have appeared in Best New Horror over the past twenty-five years.  I was lucky enough to have a small tale in a volume of this anthology a couple of years ago, so this dedication is a nice gesture, particularly as it concerns the authors that we have lost in recent years.  I love this anthology series, and the reason I began writing short stories in the first place was the hope of one day appearing inside it.  I sincerely hope that this wonderful anthology series continues.  The horror genre, and fiction in general, is all the better for it.

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Eibonvale Press will be publishing a new anthology of science-fiction/fantasy/horror/slipstream stories in late 2014/early 2015 entitled Sensorama: Stories of the Senses, edited by Allen Ashley. The book, from an outfit that produces high quality publications in both hardback and paperback, promises to be a good one. I’m fortunate enough to have had a story selected for it. Below is the full line up of authors and stories:

Gary Budgen – ‘Blinding a Few Dogs’
Christine Morgan – ‘Little Fingers’
Terry Grimwood – ‘Space’
David McGroarty – ‘The Impression of Craig Shee’
Kelda Crich – ‘Wide Shining in the Remote’
Rhys Hughes – ‘The Taste of Turtle Tears’
David Turnbull – ‘The Sound Cyclones’
Douglas Thompson – ‘Musk’
Aliya Whiteley – ‘Good Old Dirt’
David Buchan – ‘A View from a Crowded Street Corner’
Adam Craig – ‘Graft’
Jon Michael Kelley – ‘A Mimicry of Night’
E. Lillith McDermott – ‘Going Dark’
Mark Patrick Lynch – ‘Making see’
Richard Mosses – ‘Stone’
Ralph Robert Moore – ‘Bang, Bang, Thud’
Tim Nickels – ‘The War Artist’
Ian Hunter – ‘Stain’
T. J. (Tracy) Berg – ‘Watching the Ashbless Bloom’
David Gullen – ‘Maneater’
Stanley B. Webb – ‘The Crystal Gazer’

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Supernatural Tales # 26 has received a nice review by Mario Guslandi over at Hellnotes (

David Longhorn’s Supernatural Tales is one of the best kept secrets among the true fans of classy dark fiction, a British magazine continuing to provide excellent material to be enjoyed (alas!) by a limited number of connoisseurs. Thus, if you have missed some (or, God forgive, all) of the previous twenty-five issue, hurry up and secure a copy of issue # 26. The content is apt to satisfy any lover of horror /supernatural stories.

Charles Wilkinson’s “Cold Plate” is a well told yarn in which a relationship takes an unexpected, disturbing paranormal turn, while Jeremy Schliewe’s “The Names” is the intriguing quest for an obscure but apparently prolific writer depicted in a gripping story only partly spoiled by a disappointing final anticlimax.

Mark Patrick Lynnch provides “Tied Up Good and True”, an excellent psychological thriller with a very physical ending where a shy bartender is actually, under his deceiving disguise, something else entirely.

In “Things that Make the Papers” by David Buchan, a superb mix between a crime story and a horror tale, we have to face the deeds of a child-killer.

“Faces of the Missing” by David Surface is a disquieting, perceptive tale of urban horror where children disappear and adults lose contact with the reality.

“Friends Reunited” by Sam Dawson (who is the artist responsible for the stunning cover of this issue) did not work for me, but I’m sure other readers will appreciate it.

Finally, my favourite story, that I would pinpoint as the highlight of the book, is “Ruelles des Martyrs”, by Antony Oldknow, a fascinating supernatural mystery with a touch of eroticism brought about by an elusive femme fatale.

Go ahead and secure a copy!

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Supernatural Tales # 26   Leave a comment

My story ‘Things That Make the Papers’ appears in the latest issue of Supernatural Tales.  This issue also features fiction from David Surface and Mark Patrick Lynch.  Go here to get a copy.


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My new tiny tale of terror ‘Night Call’ is now online on Horror Garage.  Read it here.  This website has lots of cool features including stories, interviews and a photo gallery of Garage Grrls.  Horror Garage used to be a print publication (last front cover below), contributing stories to several Year’s Best anthologies, and has published stories and interviews with some pretty big names in the horror and music fields.  I’m very happy to have a story appear on this website.

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