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Eibonvale Press will be publishing a new anthology of science-fiction/fantasy/horror/slipstream stories in late 2014/early 2015 entitled Sensorama: Stories of the Senses, edited by Allen Ashley. The book, from an outfit that produces high quality publications in both hardback and paperback, promises to be a good one. I’m fortunate enough to have had a story selected for it. Below is the full line up of authors and stories:

Gary Budgen – ‘Blinding a Few Dogs’
Christine Morgan – ‘Little Fingers’
Terry Grimwood – ‘Space’
David McGroarty – ‘The Impression of Craig Shee’
Kelda Crich – ‘Wide Shining in the Remote’
Rhys Hughes – ‘The Taste of Turtle Tears’
David Turnbull – ‘The Sound Cyclones’
Douglas Thompson – ‘Musk’
Aliya Whiteley – ‘Good Old Dirt’
David Buchan – ‘A View from a Crowded Street Corner’
Adam Craig – ‘Graft’
Jon Michael Kelley – ‘A Mimicry of Night’
E. Lillith McDermott – ‘Going Dark’
Mark Patrick Lynch – ‘Making see’
Richard Mosses – ‘Stone’
Ralph Robert Moore – ‘Bang, Bang, Thud’
Tim Nickels – ‘The War Artist’
Ian Hunter – ‘Stain’
T. J. (Tracy) Berg – ‘Watching the Ashbless Bloom’
David Gullen – ‘Maneater’
Stanley B. Webb – ‘The Crystal Gazer’