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Sensorama Anthology   Leave a comment

Eibonvale Press will be publishing a new anthology of science-fiction/fantasy/horror/slipstream stories in late 2014/early 2015 entitled Sensorama: Stories of the Senses, edited by Allen Ashley. The book, from an outfit that produces high quality publications in both hardback and paperback, promises to be a good one. I’m fortunate enough to have had a story selected for it. Below is the full line up of authors and stories:

Gary Budgen – ‘Blinding a Few Dogs’
Christine Morgan – ‘Little Fingers’
Terry Grimwood – ‘Space’
David McGroarty – ‘The Impression of Craig Shee’
Kelda Crich – ‘Wide Shining in the Remote’
Rhys Hughes – ‘The Taste of Turtle Tears’
David Turnbull – ‘The Sound Cyclones’
Douglas Thompson – ‘Musk’
Aliya Whiteley – ‘Good Old Dirt’
David Buchan – ‘A View from a Crowded Street Corner’
Adam Craig – ‘Graft’
Jon Michael Kelley – ‘A Mimicry of Night’
E. Lillith McDermott – ‘Going Dark’
Mark Patrick Lynch – ‘Making see’
Richard Mosses – ‘Stone’
Ralph Robert Moore – ‘Bang, Bang, Thud’
Tim Nickels – ‘The War Artist’
Ian Hunter – ‘Stain’
T. J. (Tracy) Berg – ‘Watching the Ashbless Bloom’
David Gullen – ‘Maneater’
Stanley B. Webb – ‘The Crystal Gazer’


BFS Journal #10   Leave a comment

The latest issue of the BFS Journal is now available from The British Fantasy Society.  As well as my Lovecraftian (ish) story ‘Sometime After the Night Before’ it also contains fiction and poetry from the likes of Allen Ashley and Mike Chinn, among others.   Click here to get a copy through BFS membership.