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‘A View from a Crowded Street Corner’, published in Sensorama: Stories of the Senses, March 2015.

‘Little John’s Grave’, honourable mention (online) in The Best Horror of the Year 6, 2014.

‘Things That Make the Papers’, published in Supernatural Tales, Issue 26, April 2014.

‘Night Call’, published online on Horror Garage, 2014

‘Sometime After the Night Before’, published in the BFS Journal, Issue 10, February 2014.

‘Little John’s Grave’, published in Horror Express Volume 4, November 2013.

‘Puddle’, published in Dark Eclipse, Issue 19, January 2013.

‘Freefalling’, published in Morpheus Tales, Issue 19, January 2013.

‘Holiday Home’, reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23, October 2012.

‘Holiday Home’, published in Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction, December 2011.

‘Eye Candy’, published in Frightmares, November 2011.

‘Footsteps’, published online on Fantastic Horror, 2009.

‘Anonymous’, published online on Sonar 4, 2009.

‘The Hole That Peter Found’, published in Doorways, Issue 8, April 2009.

‘A Meadow in Bloom’, published online on Micro 100, 2009.

‘Helvellyn’, published online on Midnight Times, 2009.

‘The Limbless Tree’, published in Delivered, November 2008.

‘Life and Limb’, published in Ballista, Issue 5, September 2008.

‘Joy’, reprinted in Lost Innocence: A Niteblade Anthology, September 2008.

‘A Witness Statement Taken at the Scene’, published online on Dark Fire, 2008.

‘Ovation’, published online on AlienSkin, August/September 2008.

‘Joy’, published in Niteblade, March 2008.

‘The Decadence of Modern Art’, published online on the Sam’s Dot Publishing newsletter Expressions, 2008.

‘On the Surface’, published in Champagne Shivers, January 2008.

‘Skin on Skin’, published in Niteblade, September 2007.

‘Walnuts’, published online on the Sam’s Dot Publishing newsletter Expressions, 2007.

‘The Glimmering’, published in The Sunday Mercury newspaper, January 2007.

‘As Snug as a Bug’, published in The Quiet Feather, November 2006.

‘Horror on the Hard Shoulder’, published online on Whispers of Wickedness, 2006.

‘Kids’ Games’, published online on Whispers of Wickedness, 2005.


Posted December 8, 2013 by David Buchan

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